Same day or next day appointments are typically available.


You will have access to your doctor's cell phone number, so you will be able to call or text your doctor with any medical questions you may have.


The subscription fee is only $75 per month for full access to your doctor for those under 65 and $100 per month for those 65+. Other access plans are also available.

Direct Primary Care and your healthcare needs

At Direct Primary Care by Dr. Dorrego, we believe the relationship between physician and patient is the most important element to providing quality healthcare. Using an integrative approach to medicine, we focus on the whole person- body, mind, and spirit. We take the time to assess the big picture as well as the current health issue. This helps us to understand all factors affecting our patient's health.

The word "direct means" we have cut everything out that gets between you and your doctor. There is no insurance, billing companies, or healthcare corporations interfering in you care. There is no one to refuse to authorize a procedure or treatment, no one that makes you wait for a pre-approval, and there is no surprise billing.

Because Direct primary care (DPC) is an alternative payment model, basically a membership that you pay a low flat fee a monthly (about $75* a month), quarterly, or annually (your choice) that covers all or most of the services that can be offered in your primary doctor's office (GP). So you get a lower cost of health care and the cost is transparent because the flat rate covers most things. Some labs, medications, and materials used for procedures may incur a small fee, but they are at wholesale price that we do not mark up. We are committed to be financially transparent with our patients and work with you to keep your healthcare costs low.

This model provides an enhanced patient experience by creating a relationship between doctor and patient. It provides unrestricted access to the doctor via same or next day appointments in most cases, on time unrushed appointments, a direct phone number for your doctor to call him or text him, and his direct email address. At Direct Primary Care by Dr. Dorrego, you can have access to a physician regardless of age, pre-existing conditions, insurance coverage or nature of the illness. To discuss how a membership with Direct Primary Care by Dr. Dorrego fits your healthcare needs, please call (615) 823-4434 to schedule a free informational meeting with Dr. Dorrego in person or over the phone.

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